Friday, September 14, 2012

Startup Alley: The Disrupt Mexican Pavilion Shows A Growing Tech Ecosystem

Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 14.32.58The great thing about country-based pavilions at TechCrunch Disrupt is that one can see innovation and new tech companies coming from countries you might not have associated with startups before. As you will have read in this guest post by Eduardo Serrano last week, the shift toward emerging markets shows that Mexico is on its way up in tech. Mexico’s economy is growing 40 percent faster than Brazil’s, more than twice as fast as the United States, and is already the world’s 14th-largest economy (on a GDP-based scale). One out of five Mexicans now owns a smartphone, and the market will have grown 70 percent in the next two years. Some 40 million Mexicans are connected to the Internet today. Here's a run though of the companies in the pavilion:



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